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Exam Results

Updated 16th July 2024

Congratulations to all at both schools. There are some promising musicians emerging as well as some more seasoned performers. 
Nerves seemed to hit a few you with some quite severely. It is strange how we are affected and I have some advice on how to better manage this here.

Some of you didn't do so well in the supporting tests however, you still managed a convincing result. Obviously, the more you put into these supporting tests, the more you will have back. 

The examiners were fair and the marks awarded about right. I hope you are all happy with your results and I look forward to helping you further.

Congratulations again.

This page is updated every term.

There is a Hall of Fame page for pupils who have earned a distinction!

Name School Gd Inst Mark
AMA CLFS 5 A Sax 126
EG YM 1 A Sax 126
CL CLFS 6 A Sax 123
EH CLFS 8 Clt 120
CH CLFS 3 Clt 120
CH CLFS 3 Clt 120
EL YM 2 Clt 120
LS CLFS 1 A Sax 120
JH YM 2 Clt 117
LR YM 1 A Sax 116
ML CLFS 3 Oboe 115
MH CLFS 6 Clt 114
SMN CLFS 1 A Sax 114



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"I should like to thank you for a wonderful evening. So many of our guests have written back thanking us and commenting on your energy, musical talent and the magical atmosphere you created for our party. Thank you!"

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