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I have been providing instrumental and theory lessons since 1989 and currently teach at Yateley Manor school and the City of London Freemen’s school. The instruments that I teach are; recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone and jazz piano. Lessons are also given in improvisation, theory and aural. 


There is now a new performance exam which was introduced by the ABRSM due to the COVID19 pandemic and the recent lockdowns. The exam has proved very popular with students and instead of sight-reading, scales and aural have an extra piece to perform. The performance exam is exactly that and 30 points are awarded for each of the pieces and and also to how the performance is delivered. The exam is recorded and then uploaded to be assessed. Some pupils have flourished with this new format however, it is not suitable for everyone. 

Besides the teaching, I run various ensembles at the Freemen’s school. I rehearse the junior wind band, clarinet choirs, a mini jazz ensemble and the senior school jazz band.
Performances for these ensembles include assemblies, concerts and other school events. The jazz band have had the honour to perform in the Lord Mayor’s parade in London a few times and also for the Lord Mayor’s Red Cross Christmas charity event in London.

I write musical arrangements for the wind bands  which are performed for the various school commitments each year.




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"I should like to thank you for a wonderful evening. So many of our guests have written back thanking us and commenting on your energy, musical talent and the magical atmosphere you created for our party. Thank you!"

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