Paul Smith has been performing on saxophone since the 80’s and has a wealth of experience in all styles from jazz to popular music.

The performances are solo with pre recorded backing tracks. The melody is played on either the soprano, alto, tenor or baritone saxophones and as well as clarinet. The music will feature tunes you may wish to tap your foot to, sing along or even dance to. There is music to suit all tastes from jazz, blues, ballads and popular music.

The set up for this solo act can be as simple as using a battery powered amp to play the backing tracks which is suitable for the smaller venue or moving to different locations to using a full PA system with keyboards and piano for live playing with a presence.

Repertoire can include ballroom music including foxtrots and waltzes etc. Jazz including Kenny G’s Songbird or Phil Collins’ Against All Odd and big band charts such as Take the A Train and All of Me. Music from the 70’s and onwards featuring The Drifters, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Abba, Neil Diamond, Michael Buble, Gerry Rafferty, and many more.

Previous engagements include, afternoon teas, residencies at hotels and restaurants, corporate and private functions, weddings including ceremonies, birthday parties and river cruises.

The demo will provide some idea of the energy Paul Smith can provide to your special occasion.


Should you wish a duo, do check out the P R Jazz  page.


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