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Paul Smith is a professional musician and teacher performing principally on the piano and saxophone though plays other woodwind instruments. Notably the oboe, clarinet and flute. Quality live music for all occasions including weddings, dinner parties, private parties and corporate events contribute to making a varied living performing. He has a residency at Tylney Hall Hotel in Hampshire performing piano in the restaurant. As a woodwind specialist on oboe, clarinet and saxophone, he has an ability to improvise and sight-read to the highest standard. Experience here includes performances in orchestral, concert band, big band, jazz band, dance band, small ensembles, shows and solo environments.

The professional live entertainment available at Paul Smith Music includes; pianist, saxophone, classical and jazz bands

Paul Smith has been teaching the oboe, flute, clarinet, saxophone and jazz piano since the mid 80’s. Currently teaching in two schools; The City of London Freemen’s school and Yateley Manor. Extra-curricular activities at these schools include running various clubs including, aural, theory, jazz bands, wind bands, orchestra, clarinet ensemble and recorder.

COVID 19 Update
After months of lockdown and no performing in public, I am pleased to be back playing piano in the restaurant at Tylney Hall again. I am also back teaching at schools and while current restrictions have stopped the usual ensembles and other group lessons, some new ensembles based on ‘bubbles’ have been created. it is great to be helping the younger generation with their musical journeys again. It is hopeful from September 2021 that ‘bubbles’ will not be required and the full ensembles will be back to normal. 
Online lessons while not perfect have worked and available should another lockdown become necessary. I want to thank you all for your help as we learned together to make the technology work and provide some normality and continuity to life during these difficult times. Many pupils have astonished me with their tenacity making some truly remarkable progress.

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